Zicht op Architectuur


As an architecture historian and author of the bestseller Architectural Guide of The Hague (2011), I now organize guided tours throughout the beautiful city of The Hague. These tours are also available in English and German (Deutsch).

The Hague is a city with a special history and great architecture. It has something to offer for everybody. It is the city where our government is seated and where our royal family resides, so you can see lots of historical palaces and ministries, as well as modern buildings. It is the city of justice and peace as a home of the Peace Palace. Besides all of that it has a unique location as one of the few large cities in Europe directly located at the seaside. There are some wonderful beaches, a boulevard and fishing harbors.

Walks that I organize in the historic city centre are:
-    Historical The Hague (all historical highlights)
-    Royal The Hague (palaces and historic scenery)
-    Shopping in The Hague (historical shops, the Passage ánd the best buys)
-    Modern The Hague (area around the new build Central Station and ministries)
These walks take about 1,5 hour.
Costs are 10,50 euro per person from 6 persons are more.
If there are 6 or less participants I ask 65,00 euro for the tour.

Tours by bike or by (oldtimer) bus around the city centre are:
-    The Hague in the 19th century
-    Country estates around The Hague
-    A trip to the seaside Scheveningen (estates, boulevard and harbors)
-    Modern Architecture in the early 20th century
These tours take approximately 3 hours.
Costs vary, depending on transport and participants, so I would be pleased to make an offer.

Custom-made tours in The Hague:
I specialize in custom-made tours, tuned to the special wishes and needs of my clients. These vary from a walk or a bike-tour, but can also include a day-tour or even an entire program for a few days, including museum visits and coffee/lunch/dinner for example.
The possibilities are endless, so feel free to ask for suggestions and an offer.

If you are interested and like to know more, please use ‘contact’ and leave a message or send me an e-mail.